February 11 - 13, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

Mark Quesenberry

CX Evangelist
Axim Global

Mark brings over 20 years experience in taking new brands and technologies to market, with a heavy emphasis on automation, financial services, and FinTech to Axim Global, Inc. Whether devising a new direct to consumer model within lending or providing services to enable faster customer verification and onboarding, his aim has always been focused on streamlining and optimizing the customer experience at global 100 firms and start-ups alike.

Highlights include leading efforts at Financial Crossing (now Credit Sesame), an early robo advisory solution - from stealth to exit - to become the lending engine for AIG Financial Advisors, Mint, and Wachovia Securities. Most recently he led the sales and customer success team at IdentityMind, which pioneered Trusted Digital Identities to speed customer authentification and transactions for companies like Overstock, Coinbase, Western Union, and Funding Circle.

2:30 PM Leveraging CX Governance to Drive Next-Level Customer Experiences

Digital technology, especially mobile technology, has taken power from the marketer and placed it quite literally into the hands of your customers. They can be Kingmakers or Assassins, and marketing has had to move from simply grandstanding a brand’s values in sporadic bursts to developing a continual and valuable conversation with those customers before, during and after purchase. That requires near real-time monitoring of and reaction to what your customers are feeling, saying and doing across all channels. Done properly, with the right attention to governance, a superior level of customer engagement can be reached.

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