February 11 - 13, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

Christine Rimer

VP Product Marketing & Voice of Customer

Christine Rimer is seasoned Executive in Silicon Valley with a unique blend of product marketing, customer success and enterprise systems experience leveraged to lead high-performing, cross-functional teams to deliver world-class customer experiences. As the Vice President of Product Marketing, Christine leads SurveyMonkey’s global portfolio product positioning, go-to-market strategy and customer centricity efforts to drive self-service and sales-assisted growth.

Prior to leading Product Marketing, Christine led Product Operations at SurveyMonkey which included the program management office, help center and voice of customer teams. Before joining SurveyMonkey in 2016, Christine held a variety of leadership roles at Intuit including a large customer success/professional services team with a world class +50 Net Promoter Score. Christine began her career successfully building and managing complex enterprise systems including data centers, ecommerce systems, business intelligence and data warehouses for Intuit, NCR, Macromedia and startups.

Christine’s customer-centric approach has been instrumental in driving product go-to-market strategies such leading Macromedia’s efforts as pioneer in online advertising as the Shockwave and Flash product marketing manager as well as a leading the program and partnership launching Intuit’s healthcare offering to 28 million consumers with UnitedHealthcare and CIGNA. Christine’s cross-functional collaboration, customer-focused leadership, enterprise systems experience and commitment to measurable outcomes makes her a particularly excellent advisor for SurveyMonkey’s suite of sophisticated marketing solutions. These include SurveyMonkey CX, the customer experience platform that enables customers to turn insights into action, and TechValidate, enterprise software that automatically turns customer feedback into case studies, testimonials, and more.

3:15 PM No one Believes Your Marketing Claims

Our buyers are savvy, and standing out in crowded markets with a proliferation of commodified products can seem near impossible when high-level messaging all starts to sounds the same. Learn how successful companies use the experience, stories, and research on their customers to rise above the fray.

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