February 11 - 13, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

Chris Brull

VP Marketing & Racing
Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA

8:50 AM Engaging, Educating & Exciting Unique Customer Segments

The Powersports industry's key challenge is connecting with diverse customers who belong to a wide variety of rider segments.  Kawasaki needs to connect and communicate with customers as diverse as Boomers to Millennials to Gen Z, from riders of off-road to street to water, from two-wheel and four-wheel and everything in between. Chris’ presentation will focus on Kawasaki’s “Engage, Educate, and Excite” strategy and how they are leveraging the latest marketing tools in a cost effective method to communicate different messages to unique customer segments. 
·         How Kawasaki has successfully transformed their business and re-positioned their brand with each of their customer segments using the latest marketing tools.
·         Examples of Kawasaki engaging, educating, and exciting customers using digital, mobile, social and experiential marketing. 
·         How brands and dealers can authentically position themselves by investing in "real-life" content which genuinely resonates with customers during their shopping journey.

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