February 11 - 13, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

Allison O’Keefe Wright

EVP Managing Director Research and Strategy
Open Mind Strategy

1:55 PM Are You Ready for Gen Z? Insights into the Next Consumer Wave

OMS has dug into the heads, hearts, hopes, hungers, habits, homes & #hashtags of countless Gen Z consumers. We’ve analyzed their evolution from little kids to driven, cynical teenagers and marveled in the impact that they are having on their peers, their parents and the world around them.  Their take on brands, media and life in general is uniquely their own – borrowing from previous generations while contradicting them in the same breadth.
This deep-dive exploration into the drivers of the Gen Z mindset will not only help marketers get to know this illusive generation better, it is also is designed in a context that will help them make the transition from focusing on Millennials as “THE youth generation” to comprehending this new breed of young consumers. 
The presentation looks at the ways in which Gen Z are both “Amplified Millennials” and “Anti-Millennials”, allowing the audience to revisit the key insights they have known to be true for the last youth wave, and recognize what still applies and where they need to rethink their points of connection. During this session, take a look at the guiding forces shaping this next generation of youth, and explores how they are both similar to and very different from Millennials.  A few of the key themes explored in this presentation include:
·         Why Your Labels Don’t Apply:  Already only 51% White, Gen Z will be the last majority White generation in the US. Moreover, less than half see themselves as completely heterosexual.
·         Early Specialists with Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Just hanging out isn’t on their to-do list, instead 89% of 7-17 year olds are spending their free time doing productive or creative activities.
·         The Anxiety Generation:  While Millennials were the ADHD generation, 1 in 4 Gen Zers have some form of an anxiety disorder, in part driven by the impact of their Digital DNA.
·         Cynical Cool:  These youth are not wearing rose colored glasses and many raise a snarky eyebrow to the idealistic, all accepting mindset of their older peers.  The influencers they respect and admire are a whole new breed.

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