February 11 - 13, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

Day 3: Tuesday, Feb. 13

7:30 am - 8:15 am Networking Breakfast

8:15 am - 8:20 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

8:20 am - 8:50 am Modernizing the Marketing Organization: Building the Optimal Marketing Team Infrastructure

Shonodeep Modak - CMO, Industrial Solutions GE Power
Today’s consumers are empowered, asking questions, conducting research and considering other’s opinions before making a purchase decision. To stay competitive, companies must become a resource, implementing a well thought-out inbound marketing strategy that informs and educates the target market. It’s not as simple as point and click though. According to Shonodeep Modak, Chief Marketing Officer, Industrial Solutions with GE Power, this starts with modernizing the marketing organization in preparation for sustained success—listening to the consumer, and setting up an optimal team infrastructure before implementing a campaign. During our Closing Keynote, join Shonodeep as we explore:
  • Aligning your team to reach the empowered consumer
  • How to be an instigator of growth
  • Maintaining an analytical edge
  • Modernizing the marketing organization for sustainability
  • Creating the optimal team infrastructure to remain relevant and grow market position

Shonodeep Modak

CMO, Industrial Solutions
GE Power

8:50 am - 9:20 am Engaging, Educating & Exciting Unique Customer Segments

Chris Brull - VP Marketing & Racing Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA
The Powersports industry's key challenge is connecting with diverse customers who belong to a wide variety of rider segments.  Kawasaki needs to connect and communicate with customers as diverse as Boomers to Millennials to Gen Z, from riders of off-road to street to water, from two-wheel and four-wheel and everything in between. Chris’ presentation will focus on Kawasaki’s “Engage, Educate, and Excite” strategy and how they are leveraging the latest marketing tools in a cost effective method to communicate different messages to unique customer segments. 
·         How Kawasaki has successfully transformed their business and re-positioned their brand with each of their customer segments using the latest marketing tools.
·         Examples of Kawasaki engaging, educating, and exciting customers using digital, mobile, social and experiential marketing. 
·         How brands and dealers can authentically position themselves by investing in "real-life" content which genuinely resonates with customers during their shopping journey.


Chris Brull

VP Marketing & Racing
Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA

9:25 am - 9:55 am Business Meetings

9:55 am - 10:25 am Business Meetings | Networking Break

Breakout Session

10:30 am - 11:00 am Disrupting The Traditional Marketing Model Through People, Processes & Technology
Carlson Choi - Global Chief Digital Officer Jolibee Foods Corporation
Global Chief Digital Officer Carlson Choi, of Jollibee Foods Corporation, the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines, will talk about his work to disrupt the traditional marketing model in his B2C organization by focusing on three pillars: people, processes and technology. “Jollibee is so well-loved every time a new store opens, especially overseas, Filipinos always form long lines to the store,” the company describes on its website. “It is more than home for them. It is a stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino pride.” Responsible for the company’s global digital transformation, Carlson will lead a presentation that explores challenges, opportunities and successes in leveraging a disrupted marketing model, including:
·         How thinking outside of the traditional marketing box is helping Carlson lead his company’s digital transformation across international markets
·         Promoting company values as a global brand through advertising and marketing
·         Keeping customer satisfaction a top priority across all business areas
·         Merging people, processes and technology for best measurable results

Carlson Choi

Global Chief Digital Officer
Jolibee Foods Corporation

Breakout Session

10:30 am - 11:00 am The Future of Content Marketing: Creating Human Connections in a Digital World
Kim Brown - Head of Global Marketing GE Renewable Energy
During this breakout session, we will explore how societal trends and always-on channels are changing the face of content marketing for brands and customers in big ways. For Kim Brown, Global Head of Marketing with GE Renewable Energy, that means focusing on the organization’s vision to drive evolution through experience by creating strong customer relationships, fostering a history of innovation and a lifecycle approach with the goal of making assets and plants perform better tomorrow than today. Kim strives to underscore the vision of GE Renewable Energy through content marketing focused on a human connection in a digital world. During this breakout session, we will explore:
·         Connecting with your consumer, B2B and B2C, through content that appeals to human emotion
·         5 reasons GE’s content goes viral on Reddit (and everywhere else!)
·         Why GE has become one of the most successful examples of content marketing
·         The keys to GE’s content marketing strategy, including transaction of content, retiring the good ole’ press release
·         Finding your story in a digital world filled with content clutter and chaos
·         Moving beyond the blog and into a culture of content 

Kim Brown

Head of Global Marketing
GE Renewable Energy

Join our Diversity in Marketing panel discussion as we explore the ways marketing leaders are effectively mentoring, leading and making a difference on the front-lines of marketing by building and empowering multi-dimensional, diverse marketing teams. During this panel, we’ll explore why it’s critical to empower and deploy diverse teams in marketing.

Kim Brown

Head of Global Marketing
GE Renewable Energy


Meighan Girgus

Chief Marketing & Programs Officer
American Heart Association


Brian Radics


11:55 am - 12:00 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & End of Exchange